Thursday, May 24, 2012


Today is a holiday (feriado) in Goiania, I believe celebrating their patron saint (?), so class was canceled. It was a nice break, especially considering the long day I had Wednesday. Class Wednesday was extremely energetic. You wouldn't think teaching the ABC's would cause riotous shouting and laughter ringing out the windows, but they did! I ended class with a game where two groups of students race to write down the first letter of a word that I say out loud. They then have to thrust their mini-white boards (purchased from Target for $1. Thanks mom!) in the air before the other team. It was insane! The losing team had to dance for the rest of the class, and I was somehow coerced into singing for them so that they would have music. Thank you Lady Gaga for coming to my rescue. How my mind blanks when I'm put on the spot!! I thought it would be appropriate to have a fun class right before the holiday, and I definitely succeeded. I just hope they remember some of it!

Where I work

I completely passed out after the hot, sticky walk home after class. I was completely beat. I somehow managed to get up 2 hours later, just in time to get ready and have Marina pick me up. We went to her house to have dinner and to kill time before the party at El Club around midnight. I started the night off drinking a slightly sweet champagne mixed with peach juice. The juice here, even out of the carton, is way better than anything we have back in the USA. It was the best makeshift Bellini I've made to date. Ana, the intern from Mexico, was there (she's staying with Marina while she's here) as well as an intern from Colombia I hadn't met before named Camila. We had a fun time speaking a hilarious, mind twisting language we liked to call Englisporta├▒ol. For example, Eu estoy talking. Haha, insanity. AIESEC trainees from Colombia, Mexico, USA, and the Netherlands! Quite an international night.

Stolen from Camila's Facebook

El Club was fun. Typical gay/hipster/"alternativo" crowd that is way cooler than I'll ever care to be. I think it's pretty funny because I didn't really pack any clothing for going out at night. Everything I have was packed with the idea of being a teacher in mind. So, every time I go out I feel like I'm ready for an interview or something. No worries!

Mysterious pool that is off limits

Amazing bathroom

We got home around 5 but had to wake up at 11am because Bruna's family is in town. I went out with Bruna, her sister Angelica, their younger sister and parents to eat and shop at the Flamboyant shopping center. After we hung out in the park next door, drinking coconut water as we wandered around the pretty grounds.

Parque Flamboyant

Sweetened popcorn. Couldn't get an answer about why it's fuchsia.

There were a ton of parties to go to tonight, but I decided to stay home and plan lessons. I'm so exhausted mentally because of the language barrier and constructing my own curriculum, not to mention the physical fatigue from dancing for hours last night! Sounds like a good night to snack on cookies and play Diablo 3.

<3 Maybe I'll get to play with someone special! ;)


  1. Oh you most definitely will, meine liebschen.
    Du bist mein schonesten traum :)

  2. I love the color of the bathroom in the night club. It reminds me of my bedroom at home in high school. Awesome job with the creative games,! they are going to hate to see you leave in a couple months. I hope someone got you singing Lady Gaga
    on video for your next audition! Take good care Lauren! We miss you very much! Ps,
    I have lots more white boards if the games get rough!, :)

  3. Feriado is what we are having here. Had a great day at the beach. Love the pictures. I am just using your moms account because it's a pain to switch accounts on the iPad. So glad you had a fun day and a needed break. can't wait to hear more about your experiences teaching. It sure seems like you are a natural. Love you, Rick

  4. I love the picture of you two...very,very sweet. Luv ya, Bec

  5. Lauren, it was great to meet you.
    I hope you enjoy your stay in Goiania.
    And I'm in love with these pictures...
    It's really cool to see the point of view of a foreigner, so we can appreciate our amazing city! ;D