Monday, May 28, 2012


So, I thought I'd write a quick entry about food. You all know I'm a big foodie, and I really haven't been talking about the subject enough on here!

I eat similar things everyday. Breakfast (café da manhã) in general here is a very light affair. I have toast with a bit of cheese or jam, some yogurt, a kind of specialty bread (pão de queijo or a kind of cake) and juice (suco), normally passion fruit (maracujá). I find that if I have coffee at all during the day it's normally around 3-4pm, not in the morning. It's just so hot here!

For those of us who have no idea what the hell passion fruit really is (myself included!)

Pão de queijo

During the week I get to eat lunch (almoço) with my students at Cenarte. They prepare very traditional Brazilian food like rice, beans, some variety of meat (normally beef, either ground or chopped into small pieces that you'd expect to see in a stew), a vegetable dish (once had mashed potatoes, which they call a purê), and a salad (sometimes with beets, tomatoes, or cucumbers). On the weekends, most people here love to go to the mall to eat at the food courts. Sounds blasé, and yes there are Burger King's and McDonald's all over, but I did have some amazing sushi at one of the malls here: salmon sashimi wrapped around cream cheese and passion fruit. Made to order!

Confusingly, lanche (which sounds just like our "lunch") is a snack around 4 in the afternoon. For me, I have a snack on my way home from work, so a little before 3. I walk to Cenarte and back everyday, and I pass a lot of small restaurants or lanchonetes. I've found one that I really like due to its very long list of fruit juices, most of which I can't pronounce and don't recognize. So, for lanche, I'll get some kind of juice, today I tried a new one and for the life of me I can't remember the name (!!), and a pastry, sweet or savory depending on my mood. Savory pastries, like chicken tortes or pies, are very common. Today I had a piece of cake (more like a dry coffee cake in texture) with coconut on top. Yum!

Mystery juice and coconut cake. My R$3,70 reward to myself for teaching a good class. ;)

Lunch here seems to be the main meal of the day, so by the time dinner (janta) rolls around I find myself eating leftovers, making a sandwich, or going out somewhere with friends. I've been out to a pizza place here that was very good. You could order pizza by the slice with loads of different toppings. My favorite had steak and garlic amongst other things. I also went to a place where the entire food selection is made of various soups and stews and you combine all the ones you want in one bowl and have at it. I didn't like that one as much. Last night I went to a street fair at the University Plaza that they have every Sunday, and I had a creme (juice with milk and sugar added) de Acaí and some pasta from a small Italian stand. Finishing that off for dinner tonight!

Street fair

That's condensed milk drizzled inside my drink. Super sweet!

And walking home from the grocery store today I saw these three dogs relaxing in the shade by the mailboxes outside my apartment. Have to share.


  1. Brazil is very colorful! The photos are excellent!
    It is fun to find your favorites in a new place, it makes it more
    Loved talking to you today! Thank you for your call!

  2. The juice with no name looks like orange juice (suco de laranja), is it? Hahaha. Just read all the posts, and I'm so glad that you're enjoying Brazil...

    1. The cup of juice in that photo? It's not orange juice. The color of it was closer to white than orange. The photo kinda changed it. I know the named starts with a C! I'll try and remember today! :P

  3. Like the pictures, especially the dogs. Not sure if I would like the food there. Have gotten pretty spoiled with the bagels, brunch, and fruit here. We have used ournlittle grill twice for a steak and brats. also have had more bruschetta! good tomatoes here. Hope the teaching is going well this week. Love, Rick

  4. Hi, Lauren! I'm Laura, I'm from AIESEC Goiânia and I don't remember how I got here in your blog, but I read all of your posts and I think that you write very well :) Also, I love your photos. Anyways, I'll add you on facebook and keep reading your posts here.

    About the juice... Could it be caju? Or maybe cajá?

  5. The Pão de queijo we had in Portland didn't look nearly as tasty as it does in your photo! Hopefully I'll be able to make it down there and find out for myself!

  6. I was surprised to see a Brizilian vendor at our little Farmers Market with Dustin, it was my first time seeing their booth so there was a serendity factor to seeing and tasting the Pão de queijo the same time as your post. Playing tourist with Dustin was a lot of fun, we loved having him. You take amazing photos Lauren, I love seeing them and look forward to every post. Lots of love, Bec