Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unexpected Long Weekend

Well, my classes were canceled both Friday and Saturday. I got a call from Roseanna, a woman who works at Cenarte, at 9:30am Friday morning telling me most people had left town for the holiday. So, I had a pretty relaxing long weekend! On Friday I attempted another bus excursion on my own. I wanted to go to one of the malls here (Flamboyant) to see if there were any good workbooks that I could use in my English classes. The hardest part about taking the bus is finding a place that sells tickets! Especially considering it was a holiday weekend most kiosks were closed. I kept asking where bus tickets (SitPass) were sold and after walking for 20 minutes I found a place. I bought 2 tickets (ida e volta) and then picked up the next 021 bus to pass by.

I seem to always have an embarrassing run in on the bus here. There are turnstiles in the front of the bus where you have to scan your card or insert a ticket to be able to pass. I've been stuck there a few times so far for various reasons. On Friday, it was because I didn't know you had to rip off the top part of the ticket so that the machine would accept it. Definitely won the FOREIGN stamp on that encounter. People stopped staring at me about 3 stops later.

Church near where I'm living
The malls here are what you'd expect back home. They are very nice, clean places full of expensive, designer stores and food courts. Having no luck with the books (they were 50+ American dollars each!), I ate dinner there and about 2 hours later left for home. I met a nice girl at the bus stop who spoke about as much English as I do Portuguese, and we talked until I got off. Bruna's family was visiting for the holiday weekend, so when I got home I joined them in watching a movie that was, thankfully, in English.

On Saturday I went along with Bruna's family to a friend's house. It was my first experience seeing a Brazilian equivalent of a suburb. The family friends lived in a gated community a bit outside of the city. All of the houses were very modern, with huge windows that sometimes where three stories tall. I got to swim there and enjoy a Brazilian cookout. Very yummy.

Amanda invited me to see a dance performance that evening. We went to Teatro Sesi together to see a group of young, contemporary dancers give their first performance called "Um Olhar para Dentro," which google translated into "A Look Inside." It was a good show, very weird and interesting. I tried to understand as much as the abstract meaning as possible due to me not understanding most of the voice overs between parts. I think I did pretty well. Afterwards when Amanda and I were exchanging notes, we had the same impressions on the show regarding concept, overall flow, and music choice. Not bad; not bad!

Today I was invited to eat at Bruna's grandmother's home. It was really nice and not too far from where I'm living now. My conversation skills are really improving I think. I talked with Bruna's father a lot about motocross, travel, and photography. I even listened to, understood, and debated points on city life around the world: like whether or not class or population size determines how nice people are to each other. I'm super proud of myself for that one.

a familia!


  1. Hi Lauren,
    I have to say that you really write very well and I have the feeling that it's like I'm the one that is visiting the city, even though I live here, weird right?
    I don't know if you already know this website, but through it you can see all bus lines and the time until the bus get to the place where you are. It is , you just need to insert the place where you are.
    And this one here, you can find places that sells bus tickets near you. I believe you are living at Setor Leste Universitário, right, so I already let the website on the exact page.
    I hope these informations can help you during your journey in Goiania.
    See you!

    1. Fernando! Muito muito muito obrigada!!! :D A serio, encontrar Sitpass foi a parte mais dificil!

    2. I know what is feel like when I don't have mu]y bus card and I need to buy some tickets.
      Good to know that now you don't need to worry about that.
      When you need help, just let me know!

  2. Hi Lauren!

    Your friends look so nice! I am glad you got to see the suburbs! What does one have at a
    Brazilian cookout? See if you can gather some recipes for your favorite dishes or sauces! We are deeply
    ensconced here at the beach and really kicking back! Miss you very much! Hugs and kisses
    to your friends! I am very grateful that they are making you feel so welcome. It is so exciting
    to hear your confidence increase with the language and getting around!

  3. Hi Lauren!

    Very nice to read your experiences here. Some things sound so familiar! Like being stuck in the turnstiles of the buses. Good to know that I am not the only idiot in Goiânia ;) Have you tried riding the Metrobus already? At every bus stop my notion of how many people would fit in there got stretched again.

    Did you know there is no time limit on the Sitpasses (at least as far as I know). I just bought a whole pile in advance to avoid having to search for sale points every time :)


    1. Anne, that's true.
      There is no time limit to use the Sitpass, so you can buy as much as you need.
      There was a little increase on the price of the ticket, but they will not change it again so soon.
      So Lauren you can buy like tickets for the whole week.
      When I have to get a bus I feel like it's impossible to fit anyone else there.
      It's like a nightmare!

    2. Such a good idea! I'll do that next time. ;) I haven't tried a metro bus. I've heard they're super crowded all the time! O.O;

  4. I do love the way dance seems to cut through language and cultural barriers like they weren't there. Wish I could have seen it.
    And I'm totally w/ Anne on this one: Do tell about the food - ingredients, recipes, all of it.

    -Stay Adventurous,