Monday, June 11, 2012

Movies and Mortality

I had another really nice long weekend! Got both Thursday and Friday off due to Corpus Christi. I didn't do anything too special, but I had a nice time. There was a big house party on Wednesday night to properly celebrate the coming of the long weekend. I went with Bruna to pizza beforehand, and I met the new intern from San Francisco. She's really nice, and after I made her try suco de maracuj√°, she's as obsessed as I am! Passion Fruit juice indeed. The party was a bit crazy for my taste, but I did have a lot of cool conversations with people ranging from such topics as divorce, video games, and etymology.


Fireworks on Corpus Christi!

Friday night was a bit different. Normally we go out to small bars or "alternativo" or gay clubs. Friday night we decided to head to the ritzier side of town in Setor Marista. One part of the neighborhood was nicknamed Beverly Hills due to the nice selection of bars and clubs. I went with Anne and Ana that night to meet up with some other interns and AIESECers. We mainly went because we thought we would get in for free. Entrance fees for that place can range from R$30-60 depending on if you're on the list and whether you're male or female.

Ana, me, Anne in Pacha

I had a good time that night for sure. The club wasn't anything special for me, but it was definitely "nicer" than anything I've seen here in Goiania so far. That being said, there wasn't much personality. Drinks were expensive and watered down. People walked around like they were too beautiful and too cool to be seen to even smile in public. I mean, my group danced pretty hard that night, but no one else did! What's more, people even laughed at us, which is ridiculous because the interns from NYC can really dance! I guess it's not normal to dance there. People just stand around because their dresses are too tight or they have so much hair gel they can't think straight. Haha, it turned out to be pretty expensive too. Our "list" guarantee hardly worked out. We had to argue with the manager until he gave us a cut in price. I would have paid R$65! And one guy with us paid over 100. It wasn't that fun, you know?

Otherwise, I went to some feiras in search of a pair of flats. This has proven to be very unsuccessful due to the large, narrow nature of my feet. I'm still trying though! Feiras always have great food though. For example...

Chicken kabob, rice, beans, tomato, and mantioc
Maracuj√° sundae
 On Sunday morning I went with Amanda to see a concert trio, so a pianist, cellist, and violinist. They were very good, and it was a nice throwback to my lifestyle at home hearing classical music. I really do miss singing.

I also went to see a couple of movies: Snow White and the Huntsmen and Prometheus. They were both in English with Portuguese subtitles, and I had to wait in ridiculous lines to see both. When have you had to wait to purchase a movie ticket for 45 minutes? Even for Harry Potter you only waited for ages to get in the damn theater!

Anyway, I actually really enjoyed Snow White. I had few expectations, and I was really captivated by the aesthetics and atmosphere of the movie. But honestly, where was the romance? Considering the title, you'd think we'd at least have a kiss!!! Where she's not in a coma/dead at least... Prometheus was amazing. I'd love to see it again! I'm such a fan of the other Alien movies that as soon as I even heard about this movie coming out I was counting down the days. The story didn't make complete sense to me, but the sense of dread, great acting, and special effects pulled me in completely! Dustin got to see it in IMAX. I can only imagine how amazing that was!

Oh, and today, the craziest thing happened on my way to work! I was walking along like normal, and out of nowhere a bus drives by, rather quickly even for Brazilian standards. I think it caught the power lines because they came crashing down, catching branches along the way, right in front of me! They hit the ground with a BANG worthy of a nice firework. I was so stunned. I had no idea what had happened! I just stood there saying "MEU DEUS!" over and over. Nice run in with my own mortality.

So close to my head!

This week, I'm looking forward to class as normal. I'm also going to try to go to a ballet class on Wednesday, so I'll definitely take a picture or two if that ends of happening. Ha! 


  1. I'm glad you're still in one piece, darlin'. Also, I'm very glad you liked Prometheus as much as I did. I'm sure my dance number in my (soon-to-be) hit video will be pale in comparison to your dancing with Amanda!

  2. Oh dear! O.O Good to see that you're still alive and having a great time, despite near-fatal run-ins, lol.

  3. So glad you weren't hurt! Sounds like an overall good weekend, though. I like your food pictures.

  4. It really sounds like you're enjoying yourself, except of course, almost being electrocuted by a speeding bus. I'm very happy you did not get hurt, that's a little crazy. I love reading your stories and looking at the pictures, you have a very interesting way of describing your experiences, fun to read and informative. Hope you have a nice weekend coming up, we are flying to Grass Valley tomorrow. We will miss you and of course we are always thinking of you. Love, dad.

  5. Hi Lauren, we are teaching blog lessons in Grass Valley so hopefully you will be seeing more comments soon. Glad you escaped harms way and are safe and sound. Sounds like you are having fun. My word for those who just want to be seen in clubs....posers. Thinking of you, lots of love, Beckie

  6. Hi Lauren, this is Mary. Beckie is helping me with your blog.