Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pros of Being a Teacher

This week Bia, one of my students, invited me to spend the night at her house with her family. She lives a bit outside Goiania, but we got there by bus pretty easily. I taught my class like normal on Wednesday and then after she taught her ballet class to some younger girls we set out. When we arrived her mother was making pão do queijo from scratch and there was already a bolo de milho in the oven (think sweet corn bread). I enjoyed this snack with some coffee (pre-sweetened, of course!), while exploring the house a bit. Bia has the tiniest kitten who roams around the house squeaking when she's not attacking your toes. Adorable!

pão do queijo

bolo de milho

So small!!!

Besides giving ballet classes at Cenarte, Bia gives classes from home. Her father built her a ballet studio in the house! Their front room is decked out with mirrors and bars. It's a really neat set up! Great way for her to bring in some income. Luckily, none of her students could make it that night, so we strolled around her neighborhood a bit. I tasted my first pamonha there too. It's sort of like a tamale? I had mine sweet though, which was good, if very rich.

outside of her house

A lot of her family lives in town very close to her, so that night it was kind of like a big party. One of Bia's older sisters was there with her young children, an older brother, Bia's boyfriend, a cousin... What was neat about this experience was that no one spoke English! It was 100% Portuguese unless someone wanted to know how to say something in English. It was great. I feel like I understood the majority of what was being said, and I conversed on a lot of tough subjects. They are such a nice family. They were really genuinely interested in me, where I come from, how I see the world, where I've been, etc, even Bia's nephews who couldn't have been over 11! We all hung out and talked until about 11:30 that night.

sunset from their front door

It was a really good week. My boss Adriana told me that I can take dance classes through the company for free! They even have voice lessons. I'm not sure what to take. I'm thinking ballet, even if it's just once a week. a/Tomorrow is another feriado, Corpus Cristi, so I don't have class Thursday or Friday. I really need to look up the schedule of Brazilian holidays so I can plan a trip in advance!

You know that by Monday next week I'll have been in Brazil 4 weeks? Time flies!


  1. It's so cool you're getting such a handle on the language. You're doing such an awesome job over there, Lauren. One month left! Enjoy every day. I can't wait to see you!!

  2. Hi Lauren!

    Love you! Your classroom is very nice! You look very well! Ballet sounds perfect for you!
    I will comment more when I get back to the USA! I have pick-up in 15 min.

  3. Another good experience with nice people in Brazil. There are nice people everywhere, and it makes life so nice when we find them and they share some of their lives and culture. Makes me want to do that for people at home. Those snacks look really good, and of course home made makes all the difference. Can't believe you are almost halfway through your time there. I am leaving in a couple hours for Minneapolis, then Atlanta. Your mom is going through Detroit on a 747. We should get home about the same time. Of course she had to get to the airport 3 hours early...makes me smile. Love you Rick

  4. straight go for it! ballet & hip hop - w00t!

  5. It’s the warmth of the people we meet that make our travels so memorable. Experiencing Brazil through your eyes is such a pleasure. Good to see you enjoying every moment. Love, Bec

  6. P.S. Love the classroom photo, Professor!

  7. Lauren the picture of you in the classroom, you look so comfortable, so right at home. I can't imagine being at a party where no one spoke english, I am so proud of you, you are amazing. Your blog is fantastic, the combination of your descriptive writing and your photography is wonderful. When you write about an experience it feels like I'm there, except for maybe the heat. :) The rest of your trip is going to fly by, enjoy every moment and keep up the great writing, thank you. Love, dad.