Saturday, July 7, 2012

In Salvador

So, mom and I are leaving Salvador today. Plans changed once we got here. It started raining on and off, and we had the smart idea to check the weather for Natal, our planned next destination. It was going to rain there for a week solid! Considering the main reasons for visiting Natal were all beach related, we decided to skip Natal in favor of spending more time here in Salvador and having some extra time in Rio.

Backing up... The Argentine side of Iguacu Falls was amazing.If someone had to force me to choose one side over the other, I think I'd have to choose Argentina. You get to see more waterfalls, and you're also closer to them. The only drawback is that it was much more crowded than the Brazilian side. I got the same kind of religious experience as in Brazil being face to face with giant waterfalls, whether standing right on the edge of Devil's Throat or standing right where one was crashing down into the water below. Needless to say, you get soaked.

Rick left for home after Iguacu. Mom and I continued onto Salvador. I had heard a lot of mixed things about the city, most falling into love-hate extremes: it's the cultural capital of Brazil; it's dirty and get the picture. It was definitely a change of pace from Goiania and Iguacu. There were entire parts of the tourist map that our hotel crossed off, telling us we shouldn't go there being two women by our lonesome. When the sun went down, I felt pretty trapped in the hotel. Even the friendly plaza we were staying in turned pretty dead and dark after 9pm. But despite the shady parts of the city, during the day Salvador really lights up. The buildings have really beautiful European architecture, but they're painted bright colors and they seem to be decaying. I know the main area, the pelourinho, was "saved" in the 80s, and that it has come a long way since then, but it still isn't exactly clean. I honestly like it this way! The pelourinho is also very hilly and it can be slow going walking around on the steep, cobble stone streets.

Even pretty in the rain

Really amazing breakfast at our hotel! So much fruit.

One night mom and I went to a folkloric dance show, and that was probably the highlight of the visit for me. The danced Capoeira, Candomblé, samba de roda, and other various dances showcasing African Gods. It was amazing! I unfortunately was not allowed to photograph.

This past night mom and I moved to a hotel right on the beach to enjoy what little good weather decided to show itself. The beach here, Stela Maris, doesn't seem to be great for swimming. Not sure if it's due to the storms, but the water is really rough: more fit for surfing than swimming really. It is really beautiful though.

View from our second hotel in Salvador
Now we're packing up to go to Rio! I'll post more photos when I have the time. Got some great ones, especially of the Falls! I also booked all my flights and hostels to go to Ouro Preto by myself, then to return to Rio to meet up with my AIESEC Goiania friends. It's going to be great!


  1. Good pictures, Lauren, glad you and your mom had fun despite the rain. Hope the weather cooperates in Rio. Sure had fun at the falls with you. Nice beach!

  2. Goodness... what I wouldn't give to lounge on the beach there with you. Gorgeous pictures!

  3. I feel so lucky to be with you on this trip! One of the best things was
    watching you bargain with the market guy in Portuguese! Good job!
    Love you,