Monday, July 2, 2012

The Past Few Days and the Next Two Weeks

To take full advantage of my last two days in Goiania, Amanda and I decided to go out both Friday and Saturday nights. Friday we went to a Bolshoi Pub in Marista that had a band covering 80s rock. It was awesome and hilarious. There was band posters all over the walls, a street fighter arcade machine, and even Space Jam pin ball. I was the only person in the audience who knew all the lyrics. Maybe the whole place. The singer had to read them off an iPad. Props to him though because he could sing Queen, Blondie, and Journey quite well! Amanda and I went there with 3 of her girlfriends, and we danced and had a lovely time until late.

Statement lipstick!


Group! Amanda designed the dress I'm wearing.

Space Jam pinball? There was also Phantom of the Opera.


Saturday night we went to a festa junina dance. People here have tons of parties in June due to all the saint holidays. A lot of people were dressed in "farm inspired" costume. The women wore dresses that reminded me of something Little Bo Peep would wear if she was into bright floral patterns. The men wore plaid shirts and attached patches all over their jeans. Many of them resembled scarecrows. People were dancing samba, foja, sertenejo, zuki,  name it! I was asked to dance 4 times, and I learned a lot. A few of Amanda's dancer friends were there, and they were amazing. Practically skipping and running all over the dance floor whenever a samba number came on. Incredible. There was a mini show too, where some dancers danced a quadrilha and a forró number. The quadrilha was particularly funny and confusing. Everyone was dressed in costume, and I was told this dance happens a lot around the region. There's always a couple dressed as a bride and groom in the front and everyone runs around and dances in a really exaggerated, almost mocking fashion.

Why doesn't blogger allow me to upload my cool videos???
Needless to say I didn't sleep Saturday night! My bus left for Brasilia at 6am. We didn't get home until 4am, so I spent the next hour packing everything and chatting with Amanda. It was so sad to say goodbye! I hope we can meet up in the future, maybe for Carnaval. She might also study in Spain, which would be an amazing coincidence, but she has yet to hear anything back from the program she applied for.

I'm in Foz do Iguacu now. I met mom and Rick here, and we're planning on staying here 2 days to really see both sides of the waterfalls, so in Brazil and Argentina. Today we tackled the Brazilian side, and it was incredible. Makes Niagra look sad. My favorite part was this platform towards the end of our hike that extended out across the base of one set of falls and on the edge of another. So, on my right side I'm looking straight down over a giant waterfall, and to my back is another waterfall pouring into the pools of water I'm standing over. The mist from the waterfall to my back soaked us completely. It was amazing! 

Giant waterfalls to both my right and left. Can't hear anything. Loving it.
 Tomorrow we're going over to Argentina to see the falls from another perspective. Here's a really rough sketch of our trip...

Sorry about my bad handwriting. :p

So, I met mom and Rick in (1) Foz do Iguacu, where I am now. Then Rick is going home through Rio, while mom and I continue onto (2) Salvador and (3) Natal for several days. We then head back south to (4) Rio. Mom leaves, and I go to (5) Ouro Preto by myself. Then it's back to Rio again this time to meet up with the other AIESEC Goiania trainees like Anne, Ana, Camila, etc. !!!! I'll be back in the US on the 15th. Ahhhhhh! Let's get started!


  1. Wow!!!I'm really happy to read this!!!=DDD
    Proud of you, menina! Amazing job here!! And now...
    Hope you enjoy A LOT these days travelling!!!

  2. Não sei explicar o que sinto mas posso dizer que, você, como os outros pokemons[ok, vc odeia!rs]que passaram pela minha vida, deixou momentos felizes que vou recordar sempre!
    Foi um grande prazer! Wait for your letter, I'll send that!

  3. Hey darlin'! Excellent photos. You are really pretty in Amanda's dress, and I love your hair!
    Space Jam pinball!? Excellent...

    By the way, I am SUPER jealous of four random Brazilian men who got to dance with you :P

  4. Miss you guys already. Have a great time in Salvador. Love you!

  5. I love the map you supplied us..very insightful! And you in front of the waterfall is my favorite picture in this post...although all the pics of you and your friends are great too!

  6. Lauren, love reading your blog! You are so adventurous. Rick Steves, move over.