Monday, July 16, 2012

The Rest of the Trip

Mom and I had a wonderful time in Rio together. She was a bit sick, so we took it pretty easy and enjoyed the more or less good weather. We watched the sunset from Pão de Açucar, we had caiparinhas and coconut water while lounging in small bikinis on Copacabana beach. We went to the Fine Arts Museum and the Museum of National History. We ate. We shopped. Oh, did I mention we stayed on the 29th floor of a 5 star hotel that's right on the beach? Thank you Delta discounts!

Climbing Sugarloaf together
Amazing breakfast place we found

Even though it rained or was cloudy most of our stay, we still had a great time! Rio showed its true colors enough to take my breath away, so when the sun did disappear for a time I honestly didn't mind. Mom and I's museum and shopping day was perfectly timed for such a rainy day, and it also happened to be Sunday, so the museums were free! It's such a great, fun city. I can see myself returning again and again.

Beautiful theater downtown


Tram to the Sugarloaf Mountain

Pão de açucar/Sugarloaf Mountain

What a view!
Mom left on July 10, so I packed up from Rio to go to Ouro Preto. I had planned to fly to Belo Horizonte, then take a bus to Ouro Preto. The trip was a bit harder than planned due to the airport and the bus station being an hour bus ride apart (who planned this?). Despite the delay, I still arrived in Ouro Preto in time for lunch.


Maracuja juice mixed with coconut. Nice!

The city is beautiful! It's small but packed with things to do. The city is famous for its old gold mines as well as some very unique Baroque architecture. It's also hilly enough to give San Francisco a run for its money. I did as much as I could in the 24 hours I was there, but I definitely will have to go back. I had the luck to arrive there during Ouro Preto's Festival de Inverno, which is an annual arts festival. I went to see a concert in "the oldest theater in the Americas that is still open" and was pleased with myself for not falling asleep after realizing the concert was purely, solely harpsichord.

Visited one of the mines outside Ouro Preto

Had to ride this thing down 3 stories underground. It was a steep descent!
In the gold mine

That's a lake behind me

Praça Tiradentes

The next day I decided to head out early, at 1pm, to make my flight to Rio at 6:30pm. I'm glad I decided to leave so early because we ran into traffic on the bus, so the trip took an hour longer than it had the day before. The flight was delayed as well! To top two delays, the flight itself was unfortunately the worst flight I've been on in a very long time. We flew in circles, were assaulted by thunderstorms and prolonged turbulence, and then had to land at a different airport. Lovely!

It was worth all that to see my friends and fellow AIESEC trainees Anne, Ana, and Camila waiting for me at the hostel. I was so exhausted and irritated because of the trip, but when I saw them I knew I'd do it all again just to see them.

In Lapa
We had a great time together in Rio despite constant cloudy skies. We partied as much as we could despite most of us being a bit sick and just enjoyed each other's company. Anne is the only one of us returning to Goiania to continue working after this trip. Camila and Ana still have a week or two left of traveling.

Crowded visit to the Cristo statue

Saying goodbye was so hard! It was such a fun trip, and I wish I could have stayed longer. I know we will all see each other again though, maybe for Carnaval or a European road trip. Who knows! Love you girls!!


  1. Qué viaje más bellon,Lauren!! me alegra saber que has disfrutado tanto!! muchos besos!

  2. You look like Mona Lisa in the mine photo! So photogenic!

  3. Ouro Preto looks so beautiful! Great photos, as per usual!