Sunday, September 9, 2012

Moving, again!

Well, today is the big day. I'm moving to Valladolid, Spain for 10 months to work as a teaching assistant. I'm honestly really nervous about the whole thing. I wonder how I'm going to get settled this upcoming week, but I'm mostly worried about the job. I'm getting more and more qualified to teach with every job I land, but this one seems like a step backwards almost. In Brazil I was the English teacher. I made the curriculum, the lesson plans; I had no oversight. It was really difficult at first, but I rose to the challenge and came back with extremely relevant experience. I attended an ESL workshop in Athens several weeks ago and all that hard work was validated as I talked with professionals of all ages. I was the most qualified, experienced teacher my age at that workshop, and my insights put me, in general, in the top ranks of attendees. I was really surprised by those two days, by how far I had come from just starting as a volunteer at the International Rescue Committee in Atlanta a few months earlier to...well, knowing my shit!

I know I'm worrying about something I know little about, but what if this time in Spain isn't as fulfilling of a professional experience as Brazil was? Of course I'll be securing my Spanish and I'll have the opportunity to travel a lot, but, lately, I've just been thinking more and more of work, careers, and figuring out what I actually want to do. I want to feel productive and useful, not replaceable or underestimated.

And maybe this next year in Spain will be incredibly enriching professionally! I can't say I'll find out until I start on September 17th. I just thought I'd voice some of my initial concerns to be able to draw a, probably amusing, comparison later down the road.

I only have an hour or so before I  have to head to the airport. I'm trying to take out things to reduce the overall weight of my luggage. I'm not over the limit or anything, I'm just personally not that strong! Should have kept up that weight lifting routine... Anyway, wish me luck. I'll definitely need it the next 20 hours or so.


  1. Best of luck Lauren. Remember trust your gut, you have very good instincts. Look how far you've come- from just before Brazil to now, just before Spain. Wow!

  2. So will this be an Interim in Spain now? :) Keep in touch Lauren and safe travels~