Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Budapes(h)t and Wien part 2

As I mentioned before, getting to Vienna was easier than I could have ever hoped for. The bus station was just a few stops down the metro line, and the bus even had wifi. I didn't really take advantage of the technology though, choosing instead to PASS OUT for three hours straight. Sleeping is one thing I do quite well.

It was lightly snowing and loads colder than I had thought so I headed straight for the hostel upon arriving. I stayed at my MOjO vie for three nights, and it was seriously the nicest hostel I've ever had the pleasure of staying in. I mean, look!

Awesomely decorated
Anyway, I head out as soon as I got my bearings and some idea of a plan for the next few days. Vienna has a nice layout. Most things worth seeing are within a nice ring so once you're in the center of the city getting around is pretty easy.

The Opera was amazing. I stood in line a couple of hours before Fidelio started one evening, and after paying just 3 euro I was in! If you're interested in doing this, check out the blog Likely Impossibilities. Amazing resource! Anyway, most tourists left after 30-40 minutes of the show, so I had a lot of room up in the gallerie, as well as a screen with subtitles (in English!) in sight. It was an incredible show, and I cried. Don't miss it.

Asked someone to take my photo, hooray!
Waiting to get into the galerie
Other favorites were the museums, especially those with a sizable Klimt collection. I went to the Upper Belvedere, home to The Kiss and Judith among other works, and the Leopold in the MuseumsQuartier, which is famous for having "the largest Schiele collection in the world." Both great museums!

My snowiest day, at the Belvedere

I also made my way out to Schönbrunn on my one and only sunny day. The palace was nice, but I honestly liked Versailles and the Palacio Real in Madrid much better. The gardens and the Gloriette were really pretty though, even in the snow and general dead of winter.


Coffee and strudel break at the Gloriette

I also went to the Naschmarkt for lunch, a street market stretching for several blocks with fresh food and loads of restaurants. I picked a general Asian place that was pretty packed and had the best bento box in recent memory.

8 euro for all this. Yum!

I really liked Vienna, but I think overall I prefer Budapest. I felt really overwhelmed in Vienna with just three days. There are so many museums!! It was also pretty expensive, especially after having just been in Budapest. But the food and the coffee house culture were amazing.

Favorite food.
 Unfortunately as I was packing up at 5am to return to Budapest, I found out my grandpa had passed away. It was really hard and shocking to hear the news on the road like that, especially alone, but honestly there's never a good time to hear that kind of thing. I know he hated his condition towards the end, how he wasn't as mobile and strong as he was just a year before, so I think it's for the best.

Cheers to you grandpa. I love you!

Last time I talked to him, on his 89th birthday!

Laughing about something or other! This past Christmas.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and memories of Grandpa, he was a very special person that touched so many.